If you receive a message ““THERE ARE NO DOCUMENTS IN THE PAGINATED BUNDLE” on the OCJ Digital Case Filing Portal, it is not necessarily a system error. This message will also appear if the person that uploaded the document instructed CaseLines to exclude the records from the bundle, or the judge does not have the relevant permission to view the bundle/document.    It is then an upload error or a document selection error, and not a system error.

1         When will I receive a message, “there are no documents in the paginated bundle?”

If the sections of the bundle have no documents in it, you will receive a message, “there are no documents in the paginated bundle.” This message does not necessarily mean that your records are lost or that the system is not working.  The message can also be a prompt that you must upload documents to the sections or that you have selected to exclude the records that you have already uploaded from the bundle.

2         How to determine if it is a upload error or a document selection error?

To determine if it is an upload error or a document selection error you first have to determine if there are indeed documents in the bundle or not. To do so, you must take the following steps:

Open the outlook add-in DP Mail Extractor for CaseLines.

Select the appropriate case.

Click the CaseLines icon  CaseLines Icon next to the Section Name tab to open the sections tab on the portal


If there are no documents and the sections tab is empty, you will see the following:

CaseLines no documents

This message indicates an upload error.

Second, if there are documents uploaded to the system, you will see the following

CaseLines file with documents

If you can see a list of documents, it indicates that it may be a document selection error.

3         How to fix a document upload error?

Once you’ve determined that it is an upload error, you must upload the required documents using DP Mail Extractor for CaseLines.  You can read more on how to Improve document upload to CaseLines here.

4         How to fix a document selection error?

You must tag the word “Included” CaseLines included tag  if you want to document to form part of the bundle.

CaseLines documents excluded

If it is not (as is the case in the image above), the document is excluded from the bundle, and the judge will only see the following message

CaseLines do docs in paginate bundle

You must follow the above process for the master bundle as well as any sub-bundle that you created.

You must fix upload and selection errors before the hearing.  If you do not fix it timeously, you run the risk that the judge will strike your matter from the roll.  Should this happen, it will have grave consequences for you and your client.

Finally, if neither of these steps resolved the issue, you will have to contact the OCJ support department for further assistance.