Ever considered how you can use technology to help prepare your court documents?

Until now, courts mostly enforce indexing and pagination requirements when it comes to the preparation of court bundles.  Going virtual, courts will introduce further documents requirements with which litigants must comply.  It is, therefore, vital that you consider how technology can help you to prepare your court documents.

What will these further requirements for the preparation of court material be?

The requirements of each forum differ.  Some set file format restrictions, while others consider other aspects like file size and password protection limitations.  You can read more about the considerations for the South African Judiciary court online system here.

When you use technology to prepare your court documents, you will save time and money.  You will also improve your productivity, which ultimately results in higher profitability.

What technology can you use to prepare court documents?

Initially, DP Document Manager was designed for use by attorneys.  Subsequently, the developers realized that the software is suitable for use as a document management tool by anybody that deals with documents. You may not necessarily use the index and paginate functionality, as is required for the preparation of court documents. Still, you can sort your records digitally as you would with a typical filing cabinet.

DP Document Manager is a stand-alone software desktop application.  Firstly, it digitizes your office administration.  Secondly, you can streamline your document flow process and avoid duplicating the same action numerous times. The software acknowledges the principle that time spent on doing something right the first time is well worth your while.  Finally, you can archive your records once your are done with the matter.

How does it work?

Essential features of the software, when it comes to preparing your court documents, are the following:

  • The capability to split email trials
  • Capturing the date and time of a report on the index automatically
  • Import files/folder from various destinations
  • Extract individual pages of a document
  • Rotate specific pages of a file
  • Remove a document password permanently
  • Split, delete or replace individual pages of a document
  • Fit a page to A4
  • Index and paginate a court bundle automatically
  • Create a bookmark and a hyperlink
  • Share huge files securely
  • Allow groups of people, or teams, simultaneous access to a court record
  • Restrict access to a court record

Do not allow yourself to drown under the sheer amount of paperwork; let DP Document Manager take the stress away from the preparation of your court bundles.  You will avoid confusing the judge with well-prepared court documents.

Streamlining your administrative processes could make all the difference and push your law firm to the front.